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Israel practices apartheid

Israel’s citizens enjoy full equality before the law. This includes not only Jews from a vast array of ethnic and racial backgrounds — including many who would have been the victims of apartheid had they lived in South Africa — but the Muslim and Christian Arabs who make up one-fifth of the population. more


The "settlements" are illegal and an obstacle to peace

Settlements in the “West Bank” were built on purchased land and cover only 1.7% of the total area. All negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs have recognized these communities and specify that their status is to be negotiated by the parties. There are no “settlements” in the Gaza Strip. more


Israel uses US tax dollars to commit war crimes

The United States has an ongoing strategic interest in supporting Israel – a stalwart democratic ally with whom it shares many core values, including a commitment to democracy and a rejection of extremism and terrorism in a vital region of the world. more


Israel is perpetrating genocide against Palestinian Arabs

Israel has never had any plan nor put into place any policies intended to persecute, exterminate, or expel Palestinian Arabs either from Israel or from the disputed territories. Such a claim is not only fallacious and contradicted by all evidence, but it is also racist. more


The blockade of Gaza is responsible for a humanitarian crisis

Israel trucks tons of goods into Gaza every week. There is no humanitarian crisis there. In 2011, the volume of goods entering the Gaza Strip increased by 87%. As reported in 2010, the managers of a mall in Gaza "say 90 percent of its new stock is imported from Israel." more


The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) target Palestinian civilians

Though Hamas, Hezbollah, and other terrorist groups regularly use Palestinian civilians as human shields and deliberately target Israeli civilians, the IDF does its best to avoid civilian casualties. more


Israel violates Palestinian human rights

Israeli Arabs enjoy the same rights as any other Israeli citizen including freedom of political expression, speech, assembly, press, and due process. These rights are denied to those living in the West Bank areas controlled by Fatah and the Gaza Strip controlled by Hamas. more


The Boycott, Divest, Sanction (BDS) movement is just against the occupation

The real purpose of BDS is to delegitimize and then destroy Israel. BDS leaders openly and publically oppose a two-state solution. more


Israel doesn't want a Palestinian state

In the last few years, at least three times, Palestinian leaders have refused statehood when it was offered to them, most recently just a few years ago. Every Israeli government from across the political spectrum has been willing to negotiate with the Arabs for peace. Current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly stated that he will negotiate at any time in any place, but Palestinian leaders refuse to negotiate. more

Palestinians Rejected Statehood Three times, Claim Frustration with Israel